The best night of my life thus far.


I’M ENGAGED to my best friend and the love of my life!!!


A lot of people keep asking how it happened, and as much as I love telling the story over and over and over again (really, I do 😉 ), I thought I’d post about it so I can always remember every little detail that went into making this the most memorable night for me… I’M ENGAGED!!!! AHHHHH, I have been waiting for this moment since I was about, well, six years old 😉 or at least I’ve been dreaming about it since then. Yes I am all girl for real.

So, Jacob came up to visit Washington a couple weeks ago. He’s been living in Texas all summer and I haven’t seen him since my graduation, so you can imagine my excitement level to seem him after months and months. I had also kind of built up this large desire to finally move to the next step in our relationship, wishing and hoping he’d finally put a ring on it. I mean we had dated almost all the way through high school, we went our separate ways when college came, but managed to get back together (and I managed to convince him to move down to Texas 😉 ) in the middle of college. I was finally done with college, and he has one more year. I totally was thinking he was finally gonna put a ring on it after all this time.

So every time we hung out these past two weeks, in my girl-ish, silly mind- I was trying to turn every situation into an engagement. It was ridiculous, but let’s face it, I had marriage fever or something like it. I have been hinting for a lot of months now how making a commitment and moving forward in our relationship would make me very excited and happy- but let’s face it, Jacob is one of the most least likely guys to ever get tied down 😉

It was the last day before Jacob would be flying back down to Texas and I wouldn’t see him again for at least another few months, and at this point I had made myself stop thinking about it. I knew it wasn’t going to happen, and it was sad. I was sad knowing Jacob was leaving again, and even more sad that I still wasn’t engaged. I thought… “what’s a girl gotta do these days?” 🙂

Anyways, I had to work all day the day before Jacob was leaving town, but he said he wanted to take me on a date one more time so we had planned to go on a nice date after I got off work Tuesday night. I texted him as soon as I was off and he asked me to meet him downtown at Shenenigan’s for dinner. At that point I had lost all hope in getting engaged (I KNOW, I’m such a girl.). I was thinking as I was driving “Come on! He can’t even come pick me up from my house for our “hot date”? I have to meet him down there and try and find a restaurant that I don’t even know where it is?” Haha I made myself stop thinking about how I wanted to get engaged before he left, and I was determined for him to not have any idea that I was bummed about it. And then- on my way to the resaurant I got pulled over by a jerk of a cop. I was practically in tears but was trying to hold it together for our date.

I finally found and got to the restaurant. Jacob was siting outside, the restaurant was really nice and we had a great view outside of the river. And Jacob was dressed up really nice- oh how great it all seemed for a proposal, but I made myself forget about it. We ate dinner, it was very good. We were having fun. I mentioned during dinner how I was kind of sad that we hadn’t taken any pictures at all the whole time Jacob was up visiting- and he non-chalently said we could go take pictures by the river after dinner. We left right after the sun had set and were just walking and talking along the Centennial trail right along the river. It was great and I was trying not to be sad knowing this was going to be our last date for awhile again.

I started having hope again that maybe something was up when we randomly ran into Jacob’s brother Jordan, Jordan’s girlfriend Tay, and Jacob’s best friend Spencer. But, they were acting so normal that I figured nothing was up and it was totally just coincidence that we ran into them- because I know for sure that when Jacob is trying to hide something he gets all nervous and awkward 😉 they played it off smoothly. We were talking to them for a little while, and they all said they were actually getting ready to head out and go to their car- so Jacob said “Oh, we’ll walk you to your car.” At this point I was like “Yep, nothing is definitely up- get over it Whitney!!!!”

We were walking in the park, just talking and stuff and I was trying so hard to just be happy and have a good time- and not think about wanting to get engaged at all. All of the sudden everything turned into a complete daze or dream, seriously in an instant my life was turned completely upside down. I will never forget all the emotions and feelings that came over me as we walked up to the beautiful wooden bridge in Riverfront Park that goes over the Spokane River and is all lit up. I was in the middle of saying something to Jacob, Jordan, Tay and Spencer when everything just went completely quiet and blurry- the only thing that was clear was the big banner I saw straight ahead on the bridge. My best friends Katy and Tricia were on the lit up bridge, holding a huge banner that said in big letters “Whitney, Will You Marry Me?” And my mom, Jacob’s mom and Jacob’s sister Jaalah were standing on the bridge too- all with big and bright faces. All I remember when I saw it all is dropping everything in my arms (I was carring my purse and a big boquet of flowers) and practically collapsing on the ground bauling my eyes out and pretty much hypervenalating (Jacob’s mom keeps telling me I was bent over practically heeving and Jacob told me after the fact that he has never seen my cry that hard ever, and I’ve cried a lot in my day…). I seriously would’ve controlled it if I could, and was actually kind of embarrassed how badly I was crying, but I cannot even begin to express or explain the happyness I was feeling in that moment. I had been waiting for that moment for such a long time, and it was finally here. I was freaking out, I was shaking, I couldn’t control myself, I was laugh-crying A LOT. I felt like I stood there and was just staring at that sign for minutes without anybody saying anything. I was a mess.

I finally kind of contained myself a wee bit and turned to look back at Jacob- and at that point he was already on his knee. I lost it again, I couldn’t have possibly been any more excited or happy. He said some sweet things to me before he asked me to be his wife and marry him, but those words are honestly kind of a blur. It wasn’t like I wasn’t listening to him, I just was so happy, excited, everything, that I could hardly keep myself still or contained. He expressed to me that he couldn’t possibly imagine doing life without me though, that he couldn’t imagine life without me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me- how exciting is that??? 🙂 He asked me to marry him right after that, and of course I said YES! I think I had a hard time getting it out because I was still a big ball of mess- but it happened! And it is the most exciting thing- it couldn’t have been more perfect.

I’m pretty proud to say I must have somehow over the years somewhat tamed Jacob Von Kuhn. He made a commitment to marry me and to spend the rest of his life with me, and I could not possibly be more ecstatic! I no longer have to say “if” I marry Jacob when talking to others about the future, I can proudly say “when” I marry Jacob!!!! It’s the greatest feeling and I cannot wait!

I have to be honest that he didn’t quite plan it all out until very last minute- he admitted to it- he called all of our closest friends and family the day of to invite them to join us (which it meant the world to me to have them there to share that moment with us- even Spencer and my mom both raced down to the park from work and were still in their work uniforms) and he bought the ring last minute- but he had said he had wanted to make it happen while he was home on break but just couldn’t find the time. He made it happen right before he left though, and it honestly all went perfectly. And I don’t expect anything different of Jacob- he’s not a planner, he just goes for it in the moment! And I’m so happy that he did. Seeing the excitement all over his face after it happened made me even happier (as if it was even possible at that point). I totally knew he didn’t regret his decision, it was FINALLY the right timing for us and that we were both completely ready to do this thang together 😉

It was perfect, having really close friends and family there was perfect, the feeling of being Jacob Von Kuhn’s fiance’ is perfect 🙂 I’m going to stop being mooshy about it now but we all know this moment has been long waited for- but was totally worth the wait!

I love Jacob’s little addition to that night and “the story” when he talks about it with others though- when we were driving back from downtown after it all happened we were talking about it and saying our sides of the story, and we both looked out the window at the same time and saw a HUGE shooting star. Now I know it’s just a shooting star, those happen all the time blah blah blah- BUT it was just the cherry on top of our special night. So fun! And my ring is seriously perfect for me. I honestly didn’t even really get a good look at it until minutes after he opened the box and put it on my finger. I was just so excited and freaking out so much that I could hardly function- and I guess I just could hardly care what my ring looked like, because all I was thinking was “I’M FREAKING ENGAGED! I’M GETTNG MARRIED! EEEEEEK!” But seriuosly, my ring is one of a kind, everyone (well all girls everyone 😉 ) keeps saying it is so gorgeous and unique. I never imagined what my perfect engagement or ring would look like- but Jacob went up in beyond with both. Absolutely everything was perfect.

Everyone is so excited, we cannot even begin to grasp all the love and support we are receiving from all the people we love and love us- engagement is an absolute BLAST so far- I could definitely do this forever. Thank you to everyone who loves us and is so excited for us, WE LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH! I hope I didn’t leave anything out. Was trying to capture all the details so I can continue to remember this day- total landmark moment in my life, especially considering I’m a girl and a really girly girl at that- I just keep thinking “Finally, my day has come!!! I can finally plan MY wedding, I can actually think about it and I actually have to start sitting down and really planning out the details- it is the most exciting thing on planet earth 😉 ”

I know most likely only girls will appreciate this, but that’s okay. 😉 We’re so blessed and so happy and are so excited to embark on the beginning stages of this journey together- with all of our loved ones too of course!


This picture was after his “actual” proposal- naturally I’m still crying my eyes out!


Re-staged a bit 😉





Everyone, minus Tay, that shared in the special night with us!


Couldn’t be happier :DDD


Meant so much to have my mom there!


My best friend Katy and I 🙂


My best friend Tricia and I 🙂


My bling 😉 my perfect and beautiful ring- I’m the luckiest girl alive! So blessed! Love him so very much!

About whitneyrosekuhn

I love The Lord and serve Him. I am a sinner saved by grace. I love people. I love my life and am a very blessed individual, though sometimes I seem to take it for granted. I am a newlywed, am married to an amazing and gracious man, and am loving every moment. Learning every single day to stop and "smell the roses." Hoping to share some of the wisdom and advice I've accumulated through my journey. I am learning all of the time how to be a better person, and how to be the wife God has created me to be.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Whitney, my dear.
    I’m soooooo happy for you. I hope you’ll continue to write more of how the process unfolds :]

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